This is a huge climax week in the stars and we have been writing about major transits for weeks around it but there is even more and we will start with the new material. Like the rest of life, it is filled with opposites and our choosing the right attitude to steer through the stars is this week’s challenge. Do we find the joy or do we get caught up in the emotional grunge?  Always a choice.

Moon moves into Scorpio Dec. 25-27th and is conjunct Saturn in the Gandanta area or Stingers Tail the afternoon of Dec. 27th.   Emotionally the moon is weak in Scorpio because it  is the sign where we feel emotional vulnerability and are subject to hurt and may lash out in anger particularly if Mars is connected to your natal moon  in your natal chart. On the bright side it creates emotional depth.   With the Saturn conjunction on Tuesday, there can be post holiday let-down and depression after everyone leaves or you have to go back to work.  Take time to feel the richness of every emotion.  Late Tuesday could be a particular difficult afternoon and possible grief might come up if some tragedy happens in your life or the world so expect deep emotional churning.  This is the first day that Saturn is moving into the end of the sign where it also is shedding its material shackles for the next month and searching for deeper spiritual meaning. Time to discover the true mean of Christmas this weekend where the inner Christ is reborn in your soul for a deep journey to find the Divine when all the glitter and material wrappings and trappings of Christmas have gone away.

Jupiter trines Venus on Christmas day which is one of the bright spots we had missed as this is an aspect between the two benefics between Virgo and Capricorn.  Their energies are felt most on Thursdays and Fridays and we already felt them last Thursday with the strong expansive Christmas joy on Dec. 22nd and it will return on Dec. 29th, another Thursday.   This energy can create over-spending so there may be a tendency to buy too much with the post-Christmas sales so watch your credit card.  Still a bright spot on the week which reminds us that God’s grace is there even when it seems that we are going to emotionally implode.

Rahu is aspecting the Sun exactly on Dec. 27th  and is within 3 degrees  Dec. 24-29th.   This can create a lot of ambition and drive to expand your identity outwardly and become powerful and important and you may feel frustrated given you are stuck at some party you do not want to be at and will tend to be too boastful or show your ego too much.  The dark side may lead to feelings of over-ambition, fear of failure and not being realistic with people.  Work on being authentic this week and truly expressing who you really are rather than projecting a mask.  You may meet a lot of people from abroad and if there is a Sun/Rahu signature in your chart and you are running a Sun/Rahu or Rahu/Sun period you might lose some reputation or be involved in scandal so watch the news as all the polticians have Sun/Rahu connections and someone will want to take them down– but what else is new.

Uranus goes stationary direct  on Thursday, a day ruled by Jupiter.  We talked about Jupiter/Uranus yesterday but Thursday could manifest or   create some unexpected boon in your life it if it hitting a key degree in your chart or impacting the 2nd or 5th or 9th or 11th houses for Leos, Scorpios, Aquarians and Taurus rising fixed signs.  Other rising signs may get unwelcome surprises and may want to sever relationships. Earthquake activity can also be high around Uranus station and given the Mars/Ketu connections  Mars opposing the eclipse point and also its connection with Ketu, there unfortunately could be more unexpected explosions, fires or natural disasters.  Be their with your credit card to donate to key charities if these needs arise this week.  We hope not but have seen some of these configurations much too often to not expect something huge and we already have had too much with Berlin.

Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury exactly on Wednesday, Dec. 28th with the moon conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius.  This is a huge signature for mental confusion.  Definitely a difficult day for communications and mental anxiety so make sure to get your meditation in do calming yoga and just rest and try not to be too ambitious although Sun/Rahu will be pushing you all week.  The cobra pose in yoga can calm and balance Mercury and the shoulder stand is good for the mind to calm it. Find ways to move into your body through gentle yoga to balance the mental tension.

Mars moves toward exact conjunction with Ketu on Dec. 26th and will probably be felt most on Tuedsay, Dec  27th which is a day ruled by Mars.   We have written about this for weeks   (see:  ) but pay strong attention when driving and be alert.  Already this week I have had minor burns, hurt my foot, almost dropping key things and almost missed seeing cars dart by me as I was turning as everyone is rushing too much.   Stay alert this next week until the 3 degree orb passes within the New Year be sure to find healthy way to express anger.  Stay rested and take naps and I am finding myself just needing to curl up in bed and so honor it. Mars/Ketu may zap your adrenals so slow down.

Finally Mars is conjunct Neptune on Jan. 1st as we move into the New Year.  We discussed this yesterday.  Again avoid those bad parties and resist overindulgence in toxic substances in an attempt to deal with a difficult week and a difficult year.  Reread our tips on healthy ways to deal with emotional grunge rather going for the easy fix with bad habits or sexual escapades.

Remember, you are the power and the light and not the victim of the planets.  You are so much more powerful than a gem or a puja and you are here to master the planets and not be a victim.  Reach down for that extra strength to transform your life.

If you need help understanding your chart, view our services at or take our new class starting Jan 14th on understanding and timing your personal chart.  We are running a Christmas/post Christmas sale for 99.00 for the 4 classes.   Learn some of the secrets and simple techniques for understanding how to time from my 30 years experience. This is not material that you will get from a book as a lot of secret relationships and insights will be revealed.

Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like  reading very specific strands of DNA.

Wishing you a warm and joyous holiday.  Have a great week!




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