The son of the great sage, Maharishi Parashara, had a son called Jaimini who did commentaries on some of his father’s materials.  In those days there might have been a 2-3 hour talk and we got a sutra for it and some of the more obscure items were then later gone into more detail by his son in the Upadesa Sutras .  I have been obsessed by the richness of Jaimini astrology and its spiritual orientation and have embarked on some advanced studies with it and  find it more satisfying to study.

One of the key concepts is called the Chara Atmakaraka, the King of the chart, which is the planet with the highest number of degrees in your chart with exception of Rahu if it is the lowest number of degrees.  The goal of the Atmakaraka is to guide the soul toward self-realization by purging obstructing tendencies and the results of karmas that damage the progress of the soul.  The Atmakaraka is always benefic but it can give difficult lessons which may be contrary to what you might expect.  Here is list of basic lessons that it teaches if it is the highest degree (or lowest with Rahu) in your chart:

Sun:  Learning humility and over-coming pride and self-importance.

Moon:  The need to learn compassion and sensitivity for others.

Mars: Practicing non-violence.

Mercury: Speaking the truth and communicating only that which is uplifting.

Jupiter:  The native must assume the role of the protector of others as a parent or teacher.  These people may not want to teach but that is their mission on this planet.

Venus:  Learning control of the physical passions and excessive sensual experiences and learning to master relationships.

Saturn:  The planet of suffering has to learn how not to give pain, grief or sorrow to others and often takes on the suffering of others and has to learn how to share their burdens.

Rahu:  One has to suffer by the deception of others and often finds himself cheated and betrayed and thus the native has to learn how to be pure and honest and straight-forward.  This Atmakaraka is generated if Rahu has the least degree in your chart, often 0-2 and there are no planets at 28-30)  Ketu is not included in the scheme of 8.

The house, constellation, 1/9 division (navamsha), planets aspecting the Atmakaraka and even the devas at various degrees will further color the qualities and lessons of the Planet of the Soul or Atmakaraka.

From the Atmakaraka, you can develop a special chart which reveals the life purpose of the individual and the guiding diety called the Ishtadevata which guides the soul toward liberation and enlightenment.

When one goes into the deepest roots of astrology, one discovers its deep spiritual essence and purpose to guide the soul to liberation and moksha off the wheel of karma.  Special thanks to my teachers, Komilla Sutton, Robert Koch and Sanjay Rath for their continuing guidance.

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