SATURN IN TRANSITION: PART 7–Cleaning House and Untying the Knot


Saturn entered the most critical area of the zodiac today which is between 29.12 Scorpio and 0.48 Sagittarius  which is know as Abhukta Mula, which means uneaten, not enjoyed and unused. If you were born at the end of Scorpio it can give you an ability to not enjoy the blessings of life due to karmic circumstances but it an also propel you to gain stability and get to the core of existence.  The Gandanta is know as the karmic knot and usually it can create a deep level of suffering that propels you to find universal consciousness an spirituality.  It can bring up deep psychological or physical knots that need to be unraveled in order to find freedom.

The travel through this area now wants to unravel material sheaths and break free and this can create emotional turmoil.  The first section of this transit now goes until Jan. 26th but still continues until about Feb. 5th on the other side called Mula Gandanta.  There is a feeling of not being supported  and this issue is coming up to heal.  I had this very thought today and it is a very core issue for me.

Saturn at the end of a sign is weak and more critical and more of a perfectionist. I am finding myself cleaning closets, wanting to tear apart my office and refile everything and feeling very unsettled with a deep sense of unconscious fear that is churning.    Use this energy to make the changes you need to make to clean those old piles up and to throw out the old and prepare for a new life as Saturn moves into Sagittarius.  If you are Capricorn rising or Aquarius Rising or late Taurus or Scorpio this energy will seem most intense. Also if you are running a Saturn period on the 1st or 2nd levels.  Slow down and stay calm.

Go deep into the fear and recognize the illusion of it. You are safe and secure and no one or nothing can harm you. 99% of that which we fear never happens.  Remember this. You are safe and protected.

Stay on top of this wild energy the next 3 weeks by doing our yoga and meditation and drinking calming herbal teas.  Stay calm and centered.   Become Capricorn the mountain, solid, unshakable and soar high like the eagle into great freedom.  The world around you may seem to be moving too quickly  and given that the March in Washington is this week, we sense this wild emotional churning will explode a bit and revisit all the anguish from the post-election shock. But trust that God has a plan.

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