By Barry Rosen

The 11th house is the most treasured of houses because it is said that all planets do well here and fulfill our desires.   It is connected to gains from work (2nd from the 10th).  Still it is a much more complicated house than most astrologers will admit as it is 6th from the 6th house and can cause health problems and it is connected to groups and associations and our karma with them which is not always easy.   In Part 1 we will discuss the much over-looked connection of the 11th house to groups, society and community and in Part 2 we will discuss how the 11th house reveals much about your income and the ability to fulfill your desires.

The 11th house is the house of friends and associations and it is opposite the 5th house showing who we like to play and do recreation with.  It is the playground where we venture out into society and sometimes a place where we want to change the world. It is connected with the natural  11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, where social action seeks to move out of the ambitious 10th house and move into the world to effect change for the betterment of society.  But for those of you who work with groups, it is not an easy place as our behavior becomes critical and vulnerable to other’s opinions of how other sees. Our creativity of the 5th house is tested here as we express who we are and have society judge it.    As we move into society we hope our creativity and our dreams will come true to create humanitarian  changes.  That means the 11th house is connected to community and how we band together with others to create something bigger to support the collective.

The 11th house is about our highest ambitions for the world, including wanting to make a difference in society. It reflects our ability to take the talents and status and ambitions of the 10th house and move it out  into our community and effect change.   If we have some success in our life, we naturally want to help those around us.  The  great philanthropists like Andrew Carnegie and Alfred Nobel did this.  At some point, we have to realize that if we have a lot of money and we do not share it with others, than we are missing the point.  The 11th house forces us into the world to express our gifts for the benefit of mankind.  My spiritual teacher was fond of saying that if we are given money in our life, it meant to be shared with your community and the world and not for hoarding.

The 11th house is the house of dreams and fulfillment of desires.  If it is connected to Jupiter or Pisces or a strong Sun or Leo it can be filled with great with hope, optimism, faith, ambition, and triumph.  Transits through the 11th house bring fulfillment of desires and joy and this is why it is so cherished. 

The 11th house is not a picnic place as many astrologers might describe it as it connected to the natural complex 11th zodiacal sign of Aquarius which is Vedic astrology is co-owned by Rahu and Saturn and in Western astrology has a connection to Uranus.  Rahu by nature creates deep desire which is often illusive like chasing a carrot on a sick and Saturn brings deep karmic surprises.  Aquarius anywhere in the chart is often connected to deep karmic suffering and there is a hidden quality to the 11th house because it is 6th from the 6th that it can bring challenges and health issues and these may arise out of complex seething anger and failed interactions with groups.   When the group disapproves, we can be cast into a deep funk like the oddball Rahu character judged by the Saturnian community crowd and hence there are some underlying time-bombs hidden in the 11th house in our ability to express our talents in society but if they are judged poorly, we can be sent down a black hole.   Social rejection can bring deep suffering of our creativity from the 5th house is rejected.   I remember Saturn going through my 11th house a few years back and doing some pioneering humanitarian outreach in my community only to have the snipers and vultures come in and tear my achievement down out of jealousy.  There are hidden perils in this house.

There is some “Weltsmertz” here or suffering for the pain of the world.  We may seek to benefit and help society as we come more sensitive here and dream for a better world but local politics may drag us down to earth and create suffering and in the end that may breakout into illness.  I remember that I became very sick after years of politics in my spiritual organization so the 11th house is not always the picnic that is often painted to be. We might suffer in this house, but such suffering increases our sensitivity to the sufferings of others. Experiences here inspire us to dream of a better world.  We are put to the test in the 11th house whether we can take our ambitions of the 10th house and realize our dreams for a better society or be cast out and rejected.  We are deeply tested here whether we can change society or be taken down by the competitive political wolves who are more interested in their self-glorification than really helping society.

Major transits of the more mature outer planets  going through our  11th house like Jupiter or Saturn or the outer planets Neptune and Uranus and Rahu  may trigger a longer stint at changing society and getting into the political ring or making a difference in society.  Jupiter will support community growth and change positive but Saturn will create a long arduous journey of hard work and battling to create a better world.  Neptune will give us utopian visions and ideals that may not be possible and Uranus and Rahu will give more revolutionary energy and grass roots outreach to inspire us to create a new society against one that is  not working. In a sense one of the secrets of the 11th house and its natural connection to Rahu through Aquarius is to change stale and worn-out  components of society. In a sense it is an outlaw toward conservatism which is often so much a part of Saturn and Capricorn.  

Neptune wants an ideal society but as we know, Utopia means “no-place” and so our hopes and dreams for a better future become a huge battle against the conservative forces that resist change.  Jupiter’s liberal values may also be too unreal if Jupiter is afflicted or the 11th house afflicted.  Still the 11th house is an important place to move into society and our community to express our talents. It may be a difficult fight but it is part of our purpose on the planet.  

 We can learn so much by looking at nature and ant and bee colonies and the wonderful way they work together for the whole.  The 11th house draws into moving outside of ourselves and doing something bigger for the planet. Do we heed the call or are we taken down by the political forces around us.  If your 11th house is strong than you have a good chance to make a difference and it is one worth doing.  Given the Rahu self-centered, greedy and corrupt world that has been developing over the past 30-40 years, we have our work cut out for us but go out and make a difference.  Take on the call of the 11th house and create a better world.



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Charts are very unique.  The Sign owning the 11th house, planets in the 11th house, planets aspecting the 11th house and exchange of house and yogas will impact and color the interpretation of this house. Here is a quick but simplistic cookbook about your connection to groups and community and politics:


The effects of planets in or associated with the  eleventh house:

SUN IN THE 11TH:  There is an inherent conflict between the ego of the Sun and its personal ambitions and the needs of the collective in the 11th house.  Put Sun together with Rahu and you get politicians who crave personal power over societal needs.  

MOON in the 11th HOUSE:  The moon by  nature is public and orientated toward service  in the 11th house but if afflicted its heart connection to changing communities can easily lead to emotional wounds from doing service and community work.

MARS IN THE 11TH HOUSE:  Mars may be too ambitious and competitive in this house and put its ego ahead of societal needs. Personal goals may be in conflict with collective ones but passion and enthusiasm my triumph in creating change if supported by Jupiter.  

MERCURY IN THE 11TH HOUSE:  Mercury if strong in Virgo or Gemini or Libra or Taurus can bring its intelligence to create positive change in society and be a great spokesman for bring about change.  Put it connected to Mars or Aries or Scorpio and it will be too argumentative and have huge problems in groups. Place it in Pisces and it will be too idealistic and not practical to bring about change.

 JUPITER IN THE 11TH HOUSE:  Connect Jupiter to Pisces or Sagittarius and the 11th house and there may be too much idealism and hope and a lack of practicality to bring change and this can lead to disappointment.

VENUS IN THE 11TH HOUSE:  If Venus is strong and connected to Pisces and Libra and Taurus or Gemini or Aquarius it can excel at relationship skills to bring  about change with a wonderful sense of devotion and may reach out to help women and children with great poise and grace.

 SATURN IN THE 11TH HOUSE:  Hard work, suffering and perseverance will bring change eventually if Saturn has dignity connected to Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius or Pisces or Sagittarius but if afflicted there may be a lack of confidence to create the change and illicit a why bother attitude in Aries.   Still a practical and determined effort will lead to success in service and that is why Saturn and politics and service are so connected.

RAHU IN THE 11TH HOUSE:   If there is dignity in Aquarius, Taurus, Gemini or Virgo then there can be a lot of charisma and ambition and success in bringing society and community change. If afflicted and connected to Scorpio or Sagittarius or Capricorn, there may be too much radicalism and revolutionary energy to make a difference.  

KETU IN THE 11TH HOUSE:   Ketu is the recluse and the wandering saint and often dislikes groups or bolstering its standing in the community. This placement may lead to withdraw from society. Still if there is dignity in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo or Pisces, there can be a strong charitable and humanitarian desire to move and help society and lead to philanthropy.    

In Part 2 of our article, we will focus on everyone’s favorite topic with the 11th house, income.

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